Spotlight: Smash Booth

Who Are You?

We're a professional (and stupid awesome) photo booth rental company serving the Las Vegas area. We, at Smash Booth, pride ourselves on focusing on the end user experience and creating a fun interactive environment that  memories thrive from. If you're guests remember one amazing thing from your event, we want it to be us.  

Describe what Couples will Experience with You in 5 words or less.

Fun, socially interactive engaging experience. 


Tell us Something About Your Industry the most Surprise Most Couples.

That's a tough one! Maybe, it's the amount of work that goes on behind the scenes. The forms and emails, contacting venues and updating insurance forms. The time it takes to create their event with the custom photo strips and making sure they match the interactive touch screen, etc. But then, they shouldn't know about all that. As long as they and their guests have an amazing time, we've done our job.

The Elevator Pitch, GO!

Smash Booth is going to be that one thing from your event that has your guests socializing, laughing together and creating memories that'll last forever. That's what we create. 


What Else Should We Know?

A photo booth isn't an add on. If a another vendors offering a free photo booth as an add on, talk to past clients first and find out their experience. At Smash Booth, all we do is photo booths and we do them incredibly well. Go ahead, talk to our past clients. Please. 


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